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Messenger Chatbot

Facebook Messenger Chatbot marketing. The chatbot is the future of marketing;, be one of the leading businesses online! Save a lot of time and money using Facebook chat bots. Open rates for advertisement which use our Facebook chatbot service have a much higher open and response rate when compared to things like e-mail marketing. We can create and setup a fully automated chatbot for your Facebook page and Facebook ads. It’s also possible to setup the Facebook chatbot yourself, with some of our help to streamline the process. Your Facebook chatbot will interact with your clients and get them through your sales funnel without them feeling like they are talking to a robot. It will feel like a natural way of communicating with you.

A good follow-up with your client is very important! With the bot you will be able to target every group of clients separately and make sure they get the follow-up or upsell they need.

If you have a new product, service, promotion or other important message we can broadcast to all subscribers with to get all of your clients/leads up to date.

The bot has thousands of integrations that are possible to perfectly fit your needs!


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